The following is a list of presentations that I have made.

  • 2013 NCCTM

    Title: Your Homework: Temple Run
    Abstract: Stop running from the CCSS and start conquering those strands by having students play the multi-million downloaded app, Temple Run. The app is free but the math models, rates of change, linear regression, scatter plots, etc. are priceless.

  • 2013 MMATYC
  • 2013 Western North Carolina NCCTM
  • 2013 SPARC3 Inquiry Based Learning Professional Development ConferenceTitle: I’ll take the IBT but hold the mayo!
    Abstract: Technology can easily bring a fast food environment to the classroom where student learning is fast and void or rich concepts.  Technology can also quickly become over sophisticated, creating a struggle to keep the student learning simple.  But technology can provide an environment where students can marinate on concepts in and out of the classroom.  First, I will a demonstrate a free technology called Socrative that can be implemented from day 1 to the end of the year. Second, I will provide inquiry-based lessons that can be used with Desmos, a free online graphing calculator.  So, please join me for a nice home style meal of inquiry based technology.
  • 2013 NCMATYC:Title: Oh Math Goodness (OMG) Why Ask This?
    Abstract: We might say, “OMG, why ask this? They don’t even know the basics of Algebra!”, but do we provide enough rigor of previous Algebra skills that connects to the new concepts being taught? This presentation will share inquiry-based labs where students use technology, like the free online graphing calculator Desmos, to explore the general cases of Pre-Calculus / Calculus concepts, while getting down and dirty with their Algebra skills.  Hopefully, you will leave saying, “OMG I want to ask this! And this, and this, and this…”

    Title:  All the Math Birds Love to Go (Tweet)^3
    Abstract:   Basic information for a math educator to start using twitter.

  • 2012 NCCTMTitle: She Thinks I Factor Sexy
    Abstract: Exploring the topic of factoring and using it as a building blocks for teaching polynomials.
  • 2012 NCMATYC, SOCOMATYCTitle: Climbing Mount Calc: A Path to a Dream Calc
    Abstract: How many steps away are the graphing calculators from the cliff of obsolete?
  • 2012 NCMATYCTitle: Got S.O.M.E? (Seeds of Math Enrichment)
    Abstract: We all got SOME but how do we share SOME. Plant Harvest Share SOME today.
  • 2011 NCMATYCTitle: She Thinks I Factor Sexy
    Abstract: N/A
    Link: N/A
  • 2010 NCMATYCTitle: America’s Next Top Math Model
    Abstract: N/A
    Link: N/A
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