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Tuesday Laugh

August 23, 2011 1 comment

Getting a student to laugh in the classroom can be an easy task if you are not trying to tie in the material that is being taught.  The challenge is to weave in puns/jokes into the actual lesson.  These are usually spur of the moment, and I love to do it.  The subtle humor can show that the student understands the material because they got the pun/joke, they are paying attention because they laughed, and they are enjoying their learning.  Now I don’t have any evidence that this teaching technique raises test scores.  However, I don’t see how it could hurt their learning.  So, why not try it.  Here is a story of what happened in my classroom today.

Today we were working on simplifying the following expression.

aZ – [3-(aZ+4)]

As I was writing on the board I said, “Okay, aZ. Be careful, aZ, not Jay-Z.”  There were a few chuckles but nothing really.  The bigger laugh came at the end.  The final answer was 2aZ +1.  So, in my best southern drawl, I said, “Aw man, this stuff is 2aZ.”  The pun was a hit.

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