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Math Reasoning Inventory

March 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Yeah, I am checking out math on my day off, that is just who I am.  Days off make it easy to blog and search around on the web.  I came across a website called Math Reasoning Inventory and I think you will find their assessment section interesting.

Check out the interview videos of kids thinking, and I bet you could relate some community college students to the same style of thinking.  For example, how would most students answer 1000-998?  Of course, we want them to answer two, but do we have a goal about how they should come up with that answer?  Also, check out the “Question Cards”, “Written Computation”, and “Reasoning Strategies”.  Below are some examples about whole numbers.  Question CardsReasoning Strategies, 4 Questions about Whole Numbers.
So, maybe this tool could help assess the new North Carolina Developmental Redesign, and, at the same time, help teachers focus on how they want students to think and do problems.
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