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Math Is Hard

Here is the poem that I will be presenting at the Ignite session for AMATYC 2013  There are 50 slides that go with poem that I will try to upload later.

“Young man, in mathematics, you don’t understand things.
You just get used to them.” – John von Neuman

I am an instructor of mathematics.
I might not be a professor,
but with my might I profess, no more nor lesser
not like a passive polygon plastered across my back
a bumper sticker, allowing us to avoid eye contact
and not like a pierced cardioid tattooed “i less than three
math” out of sight, hidden underneath my sleeve
2MUCHTIMe time on my hands, too much has been achieved
A. Morgan, B. Russell, C. Gauss, D. Hilbert, E. Bell, F. Viete,
G.H. Hardy, I could go on naming them all day,
so mathematics boldly billboards across my chest
ignores sinusoidal fashion trends to project and express
a passion from my heart, a complex domain
a union of two parts, real and imagination, stain
countable Cartesian planes thirsty for a change
in position with respect to time, differentiate.
Sorry, off on a tangent, don’t want to complicate
or what’s that word, “remove one tenth”, decimate
a normal distribution, a significant sample of population 
a standard deviation compressed by public comprehension
formulating sharp spikes out of any given Gaussian curve
to carve scars of G.P.A. and grade by grade serves
an affirmation of confirmation bias by such simple words
because everything you look for and all that you perceive,
has a way of proving what ever you believe.
“I’ve never been good at math”, “Letters are not math.”
“When I was in school, we didn’t do that type of math”,
“In all of my classes I have A’s, except for math.”
“I’ve been here for two years, trying to avoid math.”
These rationals expressions have a greatest common factor
that reduces down to an irrational thought of thereafter
“Math is hard.” Now, repeat with me class, “Math is hard.”
“Yes, math is hard.” now square that class, “Yes, math is hard!
Yes, math is hard! Thank God Almighty math is hard.” 
Finding the expected value of math in any human’s life
the cost will always out weight, giving a negative fair price.
I mean, how is negative a squared is not the opposite of a squared
A false hypothesis for any conditional will be true. Who cares?
I care, but please listen, not because I’m a mathematician
I do not stand here on a soap box, a rectangular prism
My roots are at zero, neutral, with a compassionate grin 
a parabola whose vertex is my chin, an understanding that begins
by knowing that math, a proper subset of life, battles with in 
dancing to a divergent harmonic series, never to end.
Yes, math is hard. And so is life. “You just get used to them”. That’s the truth
no sugar coating, just 99.9 repeating percent absolute proof
But really, a victorious excuse “Math is hard!”. Where’s the logic?
Oh, here it is 2B V ~(2B), inclusive, exclusive how will you choose it?
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