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Tweets and RSS

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Thing number four was to check out twitter and an RSS feed.  My twitter name is LukeSelfwalker.  Yup, there is that selfwalker name again.  It follows me every where.  Hey, if that name follows me and you follow me on twitter we can start up a virtual congo line.  Who’s up for some on-line dancing?  As for the RSS feeds, I created a Bloglines account about five years ago. Even with the ability to have an RSS feed in my browser, follow people on Twitter or facebook, and set up tab browsing, I still find myself using the RSS feed.  Having all of the sites in one easy place is convenient and if I am not on my computer I can still pull up all the web sites I visit.  Overall, the web has a tremendous amount of information that changes second by second and companies, some stay and some leave, have created amazing tools to assist people in participating in the world wide web.  To all of them I say thanks!

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