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Student’s Perspective

I had a long discussion, about 30 minutes, with a student.  The discussion was rooted in venting, mostly, and it seemed that the student’s perspective was not going to change.  The difficult part was that I was as stubborn in not changing my view point as the student was in theirs.  This type of discussion is a change of pace.  Too many times, students come to me wanting me to tell them step by step what to do.  They are dependent on every word that I say.  In the back of my mind I think, “You are an adult, and you should have the skills to think for yourself.”  However, the discussion I had with this student was on the opposite end of the spectrum.  The student would think for themselves, but not listen to any the words I was saying.  I would tend to believe that on both ends of the spectrum there is little evidence in critical thinking – that is the ability to think for oneself, listen and observe other beliefs, and the willingness to alter personal beliefs.  So, we were able to come to an agreement for now.  Only time will tell how every thing will unfold.  Till then, I welcome any type of discussion.  Having “heated” discussions can be a healthy way of molding the growth in critical thinking for me and the student.

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