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Who is Luke Walsh?

August 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Typing Luke Walsh into Google and you will see Luke Walsh the model, Luke Walsh the CPA, Luke Walsh the Rugby player, Luke Walsh on Facebook.  Checking out all of those other people is fun and sort of surreal.  I see all of these people, who are basically like me.  A white middle aged man.  How could I have changed my life to be like theirs?  How could they have changed their life to be like mine.  Is it possible for two people to have the same name and pretty much the same life?  With 6 billion people, I would say yes.

Here are some stats about the name Luke.  Here you can see that Luke did not even begin to become a popular name till the late 70’s.  Hmm…who should we thank for that one.  Since my name is popular, not too unique, I have chosen an alias name for all of my entire online life.  That name is Luke Selfwalker. (Nobody calls Selfwalker in my everyday life.  However, at my graduation for graduate school I told them my name was Luke Selfwalker Walsh.  They read it, and I got a chuckle out it.  Also, I designed of pair of Nike shoes that had the name Selfwalker.  So, I am the basically the only one who uses the name Selfwalker.)

Google selfwalker and you will find my youtube channel, my blogs, my webpage, my Skype name, my Zazzle store, my facebook page, etc. it is all there.  I don’t mind having my information out there.  I enjoy sharing me experiences as much as enjoy reading other people’s.  However, I do draw the line on what I share.  I think we all have our own idea of what is and is not appropriate.  Perhaps, I do push the boundary a bit only because testing the waters can lead to new adventures.  For the most part, those new adventure have been rewarding.

Overall, I believe that a person has to be comfortable online – that is if you want to be private then be private and if you want to be open then be open.  Also, remember that every action has a reaction.  So for all those actions you do on the web are you willing to accept any possible reaction?  For me the answer is yes, since for the most part I have carried myself as a some what responsible adult.  And so the virtual life of Selfwalker continues.

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Student’s Perspective

August 30, 2011 Leave a comment

I had a long discussion, about 30 minutes, with a student.  The discussion was rooted in venting, mostly, and it seemed that the student’s perspective was not going to change.  The difficult part was that I was as stubborn in not changing my view point as the student was in theirs.  This type of discussion is a change of pace.  Too many times, students come to me wanting me to tell them step by step what to do.  They are dependent on every word that I say.  In the back of my mind I think, “You are an adult, and you should have the skills to think for yourself.”  However, the discussion I had with this student was on the opposite end of the spectrum.  The student would think for themselves, but not listen to any the words I was saying.  I would tend to believe that on both ends of the spectrum there is little evidence in critical thinking – that is the ability to think for oneself, listen and observe other beliefs, and the willingness to alter personal beliefs.  So, we were able to come to an agreement for now.  Only time will tell how every thing will unfold.  Till then, I welcome any type of discussion.  Having “heated” discussions can be a healthy way of molding the growth in critical thinking for me and the student.

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Tuesday Laugh

August 23, 2011 1 comment

Getting a student to laugh in the classroom can be an easy task if you are not trying to tie in the material that is being taught.  The challenge is to weave in puns/jokes into the actual lesson.  These are usually spur of the moment, and I love to do it.  The subtle humor can show that the student understands the material because they got the pun/joke, they are paying attention because they laughed, and they are enjoying their learning.  Now I don’t have any evidence that this teaching technique raises test scores.  However, I don’t see how it could hurt their learning.  So, why not try it.  Here is a story of what happened in my classroom today.

Today we were working on simplifying the following expression.

aZ – [3-(aZ+4)]

As I was writing on the board I said, “Okay, aZ. Be careful, aZ, not Jay-Z.”  There were a few chuckles but nothing really.  The bigger laugh came at the end.  The final answer was 2aZ +1.  So, in my best southern drawl, I said, “Aw man, this stuff is 2aZ.”  The pun was a hit.

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Back to the Blog

August 16, 2011 3 comments

I first started blogging back in 2006 with a personal blog and an educational blog.  Those times were great but slowly I slipped my way out of the blog scene.  I really don’t why.  The blogging world was great to me.  People from around the world were posting amazing material.  Daily I was able to read wonderful bit of mathematics from so many different perspectives.  So, with all of that wonderful information why let it slip from my grips?  I don’t think there is a satisfying response to that question.  Perhaps, the new world of facebook allowed me to start interacting with more family and friends.  Perhaps, the beginning of my family life, wife and kids, detracted me.  Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, I am sure there are many of them.  Overall my life can quickly be filled up with many “distractions”, and I look forward to bring back blogging into my list of distractions.

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